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Category: Science

Uncover the latest scientific discoveries coming from inside Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with our podcast, SciVIBE. Produced and hosted by Nick Hennen, you’ll also hear what life is like outside the lab for scientists and researchers who are tackling some of today’s most pressing issues. Tune in for unique and compelling conversations with experts leading the charge towards innovation and discovery.

SciVIBE takes you behind the scenes where we are inventing the future. Our scientists are creating new kinds of batteries, making sure the lights stay on in your home, outsmarting cybercriminals, repelling biothreats, and so much more.

Listen to stories that melt down otherwise hard to understand scientific concepts and topics and learn the origin of how things came to be from the PNNL scientists behind the work.

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Marine Energy: Exploring Environmental Effects, Powering Ocean Observations with Andrea Copping

January 25, 2022

Marine renewable energy stands to do a great deal of good. The ocean’s wave, current, and tidal energy holds the promise of electricity that can help power the grid, strengthen scientific observations, and bring renewable power to coastal communities. But how do marine animals like sharks and whales coexist with marine energy devices? What are the potential impacts? PNNL oceanographer and senior research scientist Andrea Copping leads research that explores these important questions. Join us today as we dive deep into her findings and discuss not only what the science says, but how the investigations unfold.